Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Christmas Thank Yous

Chianna loves this Santa from Baba & Pa's friends the Hunts! Thank you, Doris & Jack!

These monkeys are from cousin Nancy - thank you cousin Nancy, she loves these monkeys!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Night 2009

After opening all the presents Christmas morning, Christmas brunch and a nap, we woke up to start making dinner again for Christmas night. Myke's parents & Nonie and Papa came back over, as well as my dad, my brother, my sis in law, Dee Dee & Xzavior. After dinner we had round 2 of present opening with Dee Dee & Chianna!

Myke's yummy dinner menu:
Grilled chicken, ribs, sausages.
Spaghetti Squash
Potato Casserole

A cupcake maker for Dee Dee since she loves to bake with Uncle Mykie

Chianna & Dee Dee playing with their new toys!

Of course, Aku is supervising everything!

Papa with Xzavior

Christmas Morning 2009

Myke and I had dreamed about this day for a long time! The day when our daughter would experience the magic of Christmas that we love so much. Today was a very big day! So happy to have shared it with our family!

Added even a few more gifts under (or around) the tree when Papa arrived!

Waiting for Chianna to wake up and come out!

Video of Chianna waking up coming soon. . . .

She asked Santa for "A Big Horse" and as you can see, was thrilled to get it!

One of the things we got Chianna for Christmas is the mini recliner chair that matches Mommy & Daddy's chairs. She loves to have her own things that are like ours!

First we open up our "socks".

Chianna got a Tinkerbelle phone in her stocking, she totally loves it!

Next we opened this basket of presents that were all from Moses. He is one busy shopping puppy!

Nonie showing off her spoon that Chianna made her!

Baba showing off the spoon that Chianna made her too!

Uncle Brian helping Chianna put together her Zhu Zhu pet track.

Mo sitting with Nonie & getting some of that good loving only Nonies know how to give!

Look at that happy smile! Worth all the anticipation, right there!

Check out the videos on our YouTube channel:

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve 2009. Myke's whole family drove down from Orlando: Baba, Pa, Uncle Brian, Nonie & Papa Nick - oh and Moses, the dog too! Also Myke's cousins Ara & Janet drove down too for dinner.

Nonie & Papa Nick - so glad that they could be here with us and that Chianna gets to spend time with her Great- Grandparents!

Moses "Mo" the dog, so named because he was left at the vet's door in a basket.

Our happy girl clapping hands!

Myke's dinner menu:
Apple & onion stuffed pork. (Except for Brian & Janet who got chicken.)
Broccoli casserole
Spaghetti Squash
Mashed potatoes

Myke's special s'mores cake! YUM!

After dinner Chianna wanted to read books with Uncle Brian!

It is so great that she has this special time with Uncle Brian, she always wants to read books with him!

McConahay Christmas tradition is to open 1 present on Christmas Eve. She also got to open her gift from Cousins Ara & Janet - some My Little Ponies!

Chianna's first Christmas Eve present:

Monkey Christmas Pajamas & Monkey slippers!

The children all tucked in their beds. . . .

After she was in bed, Santa's helpers were able to put all the presents under the tree:

And her new car, which didn't fit under the tree!

And with Mo there all curled up & sleeping on the couch . . to all a good night!