Friday, October 19, 2007

INS Approval!!!

Hi All!

Just a real quick note amid all the craziness of our Halloween season.

We finally received our INS approval letter and are preparing to send in our dossier!

So that is our bit of good news amongst the Halloween Chaos that is Extreme Halloween in October. I will update as I can. Things are nuts (as usual), we are working late into the nights to make sure all of our orders get to our customers in time for their Halloween festivities.

To give you a quick idea of "a day in the life", the other day, the highlight of my day was that I did not have to wait around in the bathroom at work to re-flush the broken toilet a second time like I usually do. I found it amusing that I had so much joy in only having to flush the toilet once! Ugghhh!


Tammie said...


I am so worried about you! Flushing a toilet only once should definitely result in a Snoopy Dance! Why didn't you know that!?

Congrats on getting your I-171H!! Yay!!

Hopefully the craziness from Halloween will be over soon so you & Myke can go back to flushing more than once. ;-)

Vivian M said...

Congratulations on both your recent accomplishments!