Saturday, August 27, 2011


So many funny things came out of Chianna this week:

After her second day of school she says, "Someone is school was miserable today." And of course, I was thinking some kid was upset and crying. After further interrogation, I came to realize that Chianna wasn't saying 'miserable' she was saying 'principal'. She said that the principal was on the tv and then she saw her in the cafeteria. So I asked if they all went to the cafeteria to see her on tv, and she says, "no in the cafeteria, I saw her in real life!"

In the grocery store potato chip isle: "I need to try new things!"

Also at the grocery store: "are those real chickens or food chickens?"

While watching Sarah on Chuck try on a wedding dress: " I want to wear that one day, but mine will be blue with a dinosaur on my head!"

About aftercare: "I need you to pick me up early - my bones can't wait!"

We bought her a fancy black dress with her back to school clothes and Thursday she says, "Tomorrow after school, I want to go home, put on my black dress, and go eat sushi."

"I like your shirt, Mommy. Well maybe a little, why do you where purple all day? You have a purple life!"

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dry Kleen AKA BH Cleaning & Restoration Services, Inc. Are Scammers

I am posting my story once again as I will not stop complaining until I get a refund for the botched carpet cleaning job that Dry Kleen did on our rugs.

Dry Kleen is located in Hollywood Florida.

Dry Kleen does carpet cleaning in South Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Sunrise, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Hallendale, Miramar, Plantation, Tamarac, Lauderhill and other cities in Florida. In addition to carpet cleaning, you should also NOT call them for the other service they do like Oriental Rug Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, or Water Damage clean up.

Kleen Dry partakes in terrible business practices and does not honor their word. Here is our story as posted on the Better Business Bureau website along with many other consumer complaint companies to spread the word so that no one else gets robbed of their money and time like we did.

We called Kleen Dry for carpet cleaning after seeing an ad for $10.95 per room. We made an appt for them for 8/10/11. After starting to clean 1 of 3 rooms, he told us that we would need the deep cleaning because the regular service was not working. Without even asking, he showed an example of the deep clean service in the middle of our rug, leaving a much lighter spot than the rest, at which point, we have very little choice but to get the "deep clean" service since there is now a spot in the middle of the rug that is obviously going to be cleaner than the rest for the $10.95 fee. We agreed on $100 for all 3 rooms. He then said to "turn the machine up all the way" and the 2nd guy named Manny quickly did the rugs with the "deep clean" service. Once the rugs dried that evening, there were streaks left all over the rug from spots that were missed and areas that still smelled bad. My husband called them the next morning and arranged for them to come back on Friday 8/12/2011 to "fix" the streaks and properly clean the rugs. We were already upset because that meant taking the day off from work a second time to be home for them. Kleen Dry said he would be by after 2pm on Friday. At 4pm, my husband called him and he said he thought we were someone else that couldn't wait so he sent his cleaning guy home and it was too late. My husband said that he needed someone to come out that day to properly clean the rugs. The man from Kleen Dry said he could come on Monday and my husband explained that Monday was not acceptable since we were having guests this weekend and we would not be able to take another day off of work to stay around waiting for him all day. At that point the man from Kleen Dry because argumentative, insisting that he was "doing us a favor" and when my husband said that he isn't doing us any favors since he messed up the rugs in the first place, he said "forget it, we're not doing anything" and hung up on my husband.

Friday night my husband cleaned the rugs himself with our own Bissel cleaner and had to go over the streaks they left 3 times to get them out. The smells and the rest came out when he cleaned the rugs, so there was absolutely no benefit from their non-cleaning on our rugs.

I also feel that this is a common practice to lure patrons into paying more money than advertised and should be recorded as a scam.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kleen Dry Carpet Cleaning Scam

I have been saying for some time that I need to get back to blogging. Unfortunately, it takes me being pissed off about something to get that going. I hope to be back to post more on what's happening in our life and more important things, but in the mean time, I'm here to complain - and I do it on here so that it will affect the rankings in Google so that others looking for the same service won't be tempted to use them!

Kleen Dry (also goes by Klean Dry) carpet cleaning is a total scam. We saw the $10.95 per room coupon and new that was probably a "basic" service as I have heard that spiel before. The regular company we use was not able to come this week, so we decided to take a chance with Kleen Dry. Big Mistake! We stayed home from work on Wed and paid $100 for the "deep clean service" in 3 rooms. After it dried, there were streaks everywhere and still looked very dirty except for the big circle area that he used to show us an "example" of the deep clean service. We called back yesterday and he offered to come out again and re-do it. So today we stayed home from work again and waited, he never came. When my husband just called he said he thought it was someone else and thought it was rescheduled. I am sure that is a load of crap. He said he couldn't come out today and could come Monday. We told him we just wanted our money back and then he started saying something about he was trying to be nice and my husband stated, "Ok, so you made a mistake and now you are being nice and doing me a favor?" And then he said "forget it, we are not doing it" and hung up on my husband. I stopped payment on the check hoping it is not cashed already and if it was cashed, I will be seeking a refund or class action law suit.

Just to be sure you know who they are their website is:

Here is Kleen Dry's Facebook page - please drop them a nice dirty note to match the way they left my rugs: