Saturday, August 27, 2011


So many funny things came out of Chianna this week:

After her second day of school she says, "Someone is school was miserable today." And of course, I was thinking some kid was upset and crying. After further interrogation, I came to realize that Chianna wasn't saying 'miserable' she was saying 'principal'. She said that the principal was on the tv and then she saw her in the cafeteria. So I asked if they all went to the cafeteria to see her on tv, and she says, "no in the cafeteria, I saw her in real life!"

In the grocery store potato chip isle: "I need to try new things!"

Also at the grocery store: "are those real chickens or food chickens?"

While watching Sarah on Chuck try on a wedding dress: " I want to wear that one day, but mine will be blue with a dinosaur on my head!"

About aftercare: "I need you to pick me up early - my bones can't wait!"

We bought her a fancy black dress with her back to school clothes and Thursday she says, "Tomorrow after school, I want to go home, put on my black dress, and go eat sushi."

"I like your shirt, Mommy. Well maybe a little, why do you where purple all day? You have a purple life!"

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