Friday, August 12, 2011

Kleen Dry Carpet Cleaning Scam

I have been saying for some time that I need to get back to blogging. Unfortunately, it takes me being pissed off about something to get that going. I hope to be back to post more on what's happening in our life and more important things, but in the mean time, I'm here to complain - and I do it on here so that it will affect the rankings in Google so that others looking for the same service won't be tempted to use them!

Kleen Dry (also goes by Klean Dry) carpet cleaning is a total scam. We saw the $10.95 per room coupon and new that was probably a "basic" service as I have heard that spiel before. The regular company we use was not able to come this week, so we decided to take a chance with Kleen Dry. Big Mistake! We stayed home from work on Wed and paid $100 for the "deep clean service" in 3 rooms. After it dried, there were streaks everywhere and still looked very dirty except for the big circle area that he used to show us an "example" of the deep clean service. We called back yesterday and he offered to come out again and re-do it. So today we stayed home from work again and waited, he never came. When my husband just called he said he thought it was someone else and thought it was rescheduled. I am sure that is a load of crap. He said he couldn't come out today and could come Monday. We told him we just wanted our money back and then he started saying something about he was trying to be nice and my husband stated, "Ok, so you made a mistake and now you are being nice and doing me a favor?" And then he said "forget it, we are not doing it" and hung up on my husband. I stopped payment on the check hoping it is not cashed already and if it was cashed, I will be seeking a refund or class action law suit.

Just to be sure you know who they are their website is:

Here is Kleen Dry's Facebook page - please drop them a nice dirty note to match the way they left my rugs:

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Tammie said...

It's awful to know that you gave someone $$$ for a service & didn't get what you were sold. I've heard this about Kleen Dry before. Sorry you got cheated.