Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Pics of Chianna Jade!

I woke up this morning to the most wonderful present in my inbox - pics of Chianna from the camera we sent in October! I guess I started back on the blog just in time! Whew!

We were so excited to be able to get these pics, the last photos we had were from June!
She is our beautiful little Angel! The pictures of her are so amazing. We are so thankful to have these, they are truly a New Year's blessing!

Wearing the pink flower dress that Daddy picked out!

The LeapFrog that sings the ABC's

I think she likes it!

The box of all the stuff we sent:

Her Nanny is showing her our pictures!

"Hmmm. . . who are these two characters?" I would pay a million dollars to know what she is thinking right there!

There is the pink polka dot blankey we sent!

This is her "Florida Princess" t-shirt!

Long legs, huh?!?

I am so happy that this dress fit her and even looks a little big! Its a 4T, if I remember correctly, and the t-shirt was definitely a small (4-6) and it looks pretty big. So she has long legs, but is still very small!

We are so thankful to her Nannies taking care of her!

Our favorite 2 pics:

Ok, for all the questions about when we travel: we still don't know for sure when that will be, just that IT WILL HAPPEN!

I am hoping that it might be in January, and of course, we will travel whenever and as soon as they say we can, but we are so hoping that we might be able to be in Vietnam for Tet, the Vietnamese New Year at the end of January. If not then, I think definitely before the end of March!

Burger King: Real vs. the AD!

BK Steakhouse = Epic Fail

Ok, so probably not what you are hoping for with one of my first "back in action" posts, but I have been dying to post this! A few weeks ago, Myke and I picked up dinner at Burger King (yeah, yeah off the diet- that's another long story). Anyhow, Myke ordered a Steakhouse Burger, and opened it to find this monstrosity:

It was so ridiculous we took a picture.

Now I look online for BK's advertised shot and get this:

I really think this is enough to banish The King from his kingdom! What do you think?

And no, we didn't even get this from the "Doo Doo Burger King" near work, which is the worst BK store in existence! And yes, I said Doo Doo Burger King. I so name certain stores "Doo Doo" when they have a consistently bad reputation, for example, the "Doo Doo Walmart" is the one on University and Commercial, anyone who has ever shopped in that one would know what I mean. And so, the Burger King near work (in Dania on Stirling Rd. East of I-95) is named the Doo Doo Burger King. The service is always awful, never with a smile, and you have to wait so long, it should be illegal to call it fast food there. Plus, on more than one occassion with different people have they "forgotten" the meat. Yes, maybe it should be named the "Where's the Beef? BK" One time when my dad got a burger in the drive thru, bit into it realizing that something was wrong, he looked in the sandwich to see that there was no meat! He turned the car around, went back inside to complain and the lady manager at the front counter non chalantly turns around and yells "I keep telling you to put meat in the burgers!" Ok, nuff said!

SO much to update - where do I begin?

OK, OK already, I know that there is not an update here in like FOREVER!

I am feeling the heat and don't want to be kicked out of the mommy blogger club here! My New year's Resolution is to keep up on my blog! (Well that is one of my many NYRs). So I decided to get started here, even though its not even New Year's yet. I will probably pre-date some posts and I will try to post the date or link to the post in real time so that I can keep you updated.

Ok? OK! So there, I did it!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Visiting With Viv , Kerri & Corey

Our friends, The Mason Family, was able to come for a visit from Canada, and we are always so excited to get to spend precious time with friends that live so far away: Viv, Corey and Kerri!

Our friend Lori played hostess and a bunch of us grouped over their house for Pizza and Chocolate Cake - what a combo! : )

The kids and Mr. Myke had fun playing.

So funny how they know he is just a big kid!

We all chatted and caught up and Corey and I had the pleasure of watching the Dolphins whoop up the J.E.T.S. which spells bye bye to your season, NYJ! Ok, sorry got carried away for a moment. ; )

Here are some pics from the evening!

Rachel sitting and spinning!

Scuba Ethan coming up from below the couch for some air.

Katie is just relaxing despite all the running around right next to her. I guess she is just takin a break!

Ethan goes and does wherever and whatever Erin does!

Katie is a robot!

This is the next best thing to any ride at Disney World, and there is no line to wait on first! Watch the Mr. Myke ride videos!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baking with Uncle Mykie

Dee Dee really loves to come an bake with her Uncle Mykie! She is getting really good at it! This time they made some cakes for Christmas! One for Papa, one for me and Myke and one for Mommy and Daddy! She did all of the baking this time and Myke only helped her a little bit. She is very creative and loves the decorating!

The snowflake mold.

The SnowMan mold!

Do you think we have enough sprinkles and icing colors?

The proud Baker!

Her works of art were almost - ALMOST too beautiful to eat, but too yummy not to! LOL