Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Burger King: Real vs. the AD!

BK Steakhouse = Epic Fail

Ok, so probably not what you are hoping for with one of my first "back in action" posts, but I have been dying to post this! A few weeks ago, Myke and I picked up dinner at Burger King (yeah, yeah off the diet- that's another long story). Anyhow, Myke ordered a Steakhouse Burger, and opened it to find this monstrosity:

It was so ridiculous we took a picture.

Now I look online for BK's advertised shot and get this:

I really think this is enough to banish The King from his kingdom! What do you think?

And no, we didn't even get this from the "Doo Doo Burger King" near work, which is the worst BK store in existence! And yes, I said Doo Doo Burger King. I so name certain stores "Doo Doo" when they have a consistently bad reputation, for example, the "Doo Doo Walmart" is the one on University and Commercial, anyone who has ever shopped in that one would know what I mean. And so, the Burger King near work (in Dania on Stirling Rd. East of I-95) is named the Doo Doo Burger King. The service is always awful, never with a smile, and you have to wait so long, it should be illegal to call it fast food there. Plus, on more than one occassion with different people have they "forgotten" the meat. Yes, maybe it should be named the "Where's the Beef? BK" One time when my dad got a burger in the drive thru, bit into it realizing that something was wrong, he looked in the sandwich to see that there was no meat! He turned the car around, went back inside to complain and the lady manager at the front counter non chalantly turns around and yells "I keep telling you to put meat in the burgers!" Ok, nuff said!


Sandy said...

OK, not QUITE what I had in mind, but it's a start.

Tammie said...

While I was definitely expecting something else as your first "back in action" post, I'm not surprised.

Did you send this pic to BK Corporate?

Candy said...

I was going to say the same as Tammie. You should send the picture to BK Corporate and see what they have to say.

Shari McConahay said...

Ok, I am going to see if I can contact BK Corporate to see what they have to say for themselves! They actually should really be made aware of the terrible service conditions of the one in Dania anyhow. : (