Sunday, May 4, 2008

Snorkeling in the Keys!

I had such an awesome, relaxing and invigorating day with my friend Amanda and my new friend (thru Amanda), Tino. We went down to Key Largo and out on a snorkel boat from John Pennekamp Park. $30 bucks a piece got us about 3 hours of fun in the Florida sun! (Well it was a little over cast, but still really beautiful out.) Not too hot and a nice breeze.

The boat took us out to one of their many local spots, called Grecian Rocks. The aquamarine water looked just amazing from above and below the surface! Grecian Rocks is about a mile long stretch of reef that is teeming with beautiful sea creatures!

The highlight for Amanda and I was the turtle. It was the first time either of us actually spotted one in the Keys (first time at all for me!) and he was a pretty big sucker! There were schools of huge parrot fish and I spotted the biggest Baracuda I have ever seen! I think he was close to 4 feet long! Hopefully I got a good pic of him!

I haven't developed my film yet, all these pics are from Amanda's underwater digital camera. Pretty cool, huh? I will add mine soon!

Some other people on the boat spotted a ray and a 4 foot bull shark. Kinda glad I missed that one!

We ended the day with a late lunch and drinks at Sundowners.

A pretty perfect day!

Oh, and if you are wondering where Myke is?? Home because he has watched Jaws one too many times! : )

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