Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lady Bug Tea Set

Chianna loves. loves, loves the Lady Bug Tea set that Auntie Kim & Uncle Ron sent her!
Thank you to Kim & Ron!

She plays with this set almost every day. Its very funny, she usually insists that it is coffee, not tea.

I took tons of pics of her opening the set so that Kim & Ron could feel like they were here and see her reactions.

Anything that gets her using both hands is awesome! You know she really loves it when she tries like this!

She poured one for Daddy. . .

She poured one for Mommy . . .

And one for herself!

So we decided to set up the auto picture button on the camera. Something we never did before (which is part of the reason we don't have a lot of pics of all 3 of us together.) So after some fidgeting with the camera, Myke figured out how to set the delay. We all sat down together and smiled at the camera and . . . .

Aku walks right in fron on the camera right when the picture snaps!

Finally got it to work right! Tea (or coffee) for three, please!

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