Friday, June 29, 2012

Trying to Get Chianna Therapy

The reason I called Staywell today was partly because of another reason: I received a phone call from the referral dept at Chianna's pediatrician's office telling me that she can't receive anymore speech therapy because she has used up the 24 visits she has for her lifetime! When we first were put on Staywell I called them and asked what type of therapy coverage they had and they told me it is 24 visits per 60 days, but I specifically asked and they confirmed that it is renewed every 60 days. Now they are telling the doctor's office one thing. When I called today they supervisor assured me that is not the case and the they do cover 24 sessions per EVERY 60 days. I have been back and forth on the phone between her pediatrician's office and Staywell and we are each speaking to a different department that the other is "not allowed" to speak to and getting a different story. Someone, please help!

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After yesterday, I realized that it will take too long to sort out this insurance crap, and Chianna has already gone 9 months without physical or occupational therapies. We are going to have to get Chianna her therapy without the insurance. But we need help in order to do that because it will cost over $1100 a month. Any small amount will help. Please share our story. Thank you.

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