Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Health Insurance and Therapy Update

I have not been able to find the time to update what is going on with therapy and Chianna's health insurance but I figure I had better get at least a short update in before the task becomes monumental.

We were assigned a case manager from Staywell who informed me that if any therapy is available within 60 minutes driving time (each way) that the insurance company has fulfilled their obligation and will not allow any out of network coverage. And the therapy providers don't have to have therapy available on the same day.

So evidently, we are supposed to be able to take multiple days off of work to drive her round trip up to 2 hours to a therapy provider. I explained that not only is that not feasible to take off work, but that Chianna cannot handle the long drives and the time spent for that plus therapy takes away from our family time, not to mention that once school starts, she has homework to do each night and getting home from therapies [exhausted] at 6pm or later and then attempting to do up to an hours worth of homework, eat dinner, have a bath and be in bed by 8pm is rather impossible.

The case manager was very uncaring to any of those facts and just stuck to the facts that are listed in our policy, standing by her company rather than even looking into helping us in any way.


So, Chianna started with a physical therapist who comes to the house. We started about 2 or 3 weeks ago now, and he is absolutely wonderful. I am so glad that I feel it is worth every out of pocket penny we are paying him. The fact that I don't have to run around and rush to drive to get her somewhere in time is such a relief and he even comes on weekends!

Chianna really likes him and so far, we are off to a great start with that, despite having to pay in full.

I am still trying to coordinate getting Chianna the OT and Speech therapies twice a week, and it is yet to happen, but hopefully once school starts, we might be able to get a schedule together.

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