Friday, September 14, 2007

Ghost Adventures - Non Believers Beware!

This post has been in draft since I saw the Ghost Adventures show in the Sci Fi Channel, I think, back in July. So, I am finally getting around to finishing it publishing it.

My middle name is procrastination! As punishment, I should be forced to re-do the middle name game meme with PROCRASTINATION as the name! lol and j/k

Did anyone else see this show on Sci Fi Channel called Ghost Adventures? It was so freaky! Myke and I are frequent watchers and fans of Ghost Hunters. On Ghost Hunters, every once in a while, you see something cool or hear something spooky, but they are usually de-bunking ghosts, which is what makes them so credible, to us, anyway. Myke has a tradition every time we watch Ghost Hunters, when the announcer comes on and say "tonight on TAPS", Myke finishes the sentence in the same voice: "nothing happens! But we will put a clip in the beginning here to make you think something happens, but really, nothing happens!" It is quite funny. And in case you don't know, Myke is the master of voices and accents.

Ok, but now back to this Ghost Adventures show. They totally caught an apparition on camera! It was goosebumps freaky! Myke and I were amazed that something actually happened. Then, at the end of the documentary, after they caught the apparition on film, they were invited to The Gold Rush Hotel, reportedly one of the most haunted placed on the planet because it is built on land where lay lines cross. (Lay lines fascinate me!) Two of the documenters planned on spending the night locked inside this hotel. They saw some shadows and a few paranormal things early in the night, but when they went into the basement, as they were about to enter a room reported to have a lot of paranormal activity, a lot of noise started up and just as they were in the threshold of the door to this room, a cinder block flew up off the floor across the room - AND they totally caught this on camera. It freaked these two men out so badly, that they ended up screaming and running through the hotel, losing each other, cameras rolling and then later reported that they were both so freaked out when they finally did find each other, they jumped out the second story window to escape the hotel!

Crazy, huh? What do ya'll think about that?

Oh and I forgot to mention that all of their footage was confirmed authentic by independent sources and they even had a physics professor analyze the footage of the cinder block flying across the room; he determined that it was not rigged or faked in anyway.

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