Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Headache Update

I have been away from the computer for a few days because my headache got worse and was prolonged too. I went through a series of self diagnoses in between the headache easing up and getting to different levels of "worse".

First thought I was dehydrated - WRONG

Then I thought it was the patch and posted my first headache post - UNCONFIRMED - COULD HAVE BEEN THE HORMONES OR MY PERIOD IN GENERAL

Then thought it was my teeth because my jaws were hurting (as well as my temples)- I am deathly afraid of the dentist! - WRONG

Then I thought I had a sinus infection since my nose has been mildly stuffed up for a while. So I started pumping antibiotics and nose spray, which could have made it worse, cause it sure didn't make it better! - WRONG

Then Myke came up with the idea that it is a tension headache. - MOST LIKELY CULPRIT!

I waited out the weekend pumping in me just about any [perscription] drug I could get my hands on. Then realizing Sunday night that Monday was Labor Day and the doctor's office would be closed - ughh. One more [sleepless] night and Tuesday morning arrives, I call to find out that my doctor is not in on Tuesday! ughh. I am so distraught at this point, I wake Myke up and tell him to take me to the hospital. Since I had not slept at all, he told me to try and lay down and take a nap, because we all no once you get to the hospital, there is no sleeping! So, I ended up actually falling asleep until about noon. I woke up and felt a lot better, but I still went to the hospital. Luckily, the ER at the Cleveland Clinic was empty and we were seen almost immediately. The doctor there was so nice. They ran a Cat Scan, which was negative (whew!)and gave me some anti nauseau medicine and some pain medicine, which helped a little bit. They ran my blood work, which came back negative for infection, so he was unsure what was causing my headache and said the birth control, my period or stress were the likely culprits. I declined the spinal tap - no need for more pain! > : /
He checked the back of myneck and my shoulders and CRACKED the hell out of my neck (like a chiropracter) and I have pretty much felt better since. So, I think we are done with the headache and it was most likely stress and tension.

But I still do dread my next period, which comes every 3 weeks. Sorry for the TMI. But, that means its only about 2 weeks away now - ughhh. Maybe I should go on the birth control? Not the patch, but a pill? A period 3 times a year sounds much more agreeable.


Tammie said...

It must be the time for headaches. I've been fighting them for a few weeks now. Between the tension, migraine & sinus headaches I'm so drugged up that I actually felt a bit high up there. Of course it doesn't help that I need new glasses & HATE my eye dr.

I used to see a chiropractor 3-4 times a week. I can't go anymore & miss it terribly.

Jenn said...

You are proof that adoption is a headache.

Hope you get this figured out, girl.