Monday, April 26, 2010

Grocery Shopping Deals

I have really been learning to pinch the pennies lately, and discovered some really great deals at our local Winn Dixie. So, I wanted to start a new weekly post on my blog where I share my deals of the week with you!

This Week's Winn Dixie Deals:

Red Seedless Grapes: $1.99/ bag

Strawberries: $1.99/lb

Russet Potatoes: $1.99/5lb bag!!!! (super good deal!)

Check colas on sale for $2.50/12 pack (Not at good as the $2/12 pack they were last week though, but still a good deal for us Dr. Chek junkies!)

Package of 8 breaded white meat chicken patties: $3.50 (These are super yummy for buffalo chicken sandwiches, chicken with country gravy and mashed potatoes, and Myke's chicken Parmesan with pasta!)

Capri Sun box of 10: $2/each

Fresh Ground Beef: $1.99/lb

These specials are good through Tuesday, April 27th. But don't worry, on Wednesday, they'll have some more great deals! You can sign up to receive a weekly email of the specials and see all the current ones at

Also, they often run a special on fruits and veggies that are "one the way out" but can be a really great deal if you use them the same day or quickly. This week, I got 10 huge bananas for $1.33. That is approximately the price 4 or 5 bananas would have cost at the regular per pound price. Three of them were partially bruised, but I still got way more than the regular per pound price out of it. They have this banana deal almost all the time and I get it very often since I usually eat a banana with breakfast every day and Chianna has about 1 or 2 per day too.

In the past, I have picked up a mish mash package of peppers, squash & zucchini for less than 50 cents, and just chop them up and use them with dinner the same night!

I hope that I can pass my good deal finds on to you and help my friends stretch a buck!

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