Friday, December 16, 2011

Dasher the Dino

We watched The Santa Clause 2 tonight and after it was over, she ran around the house saying "Dasher, on Dasher, and Dasher and Dasher". We explained to her that it is all of Santa's reindeer, but she would have none of that. "Only Dasher!" While tucking Chianna in to bed tonight, she informed me that she wanted a pet dinosaur to fly her to school. She is going to name him Dasher. She is very matter of fact about it too.

We got her to bed a little later than usual since tomorrow is no school, and I read a book to her. After the book was done, I tucked her in and said I would send Daddy in to kiss her goodnight. At this point she always hides in her "egg position" as if she can't be seen like that, for a game with Daddy where he can't find her. But she was very sleepy tonight. Today was a big day at school, last day before Christmas break and they had field day too. She said in her sweet little sleepy voice. "I'm very sleepy, I don't want to play with Daddy when he comes in but I don't want to hurt his feelings, I only want a hug. Can you tell him, Mommy?"

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