Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boys Germs vs. Girls Germs

So here is the latest Chianaism from Chianna.

She has been wanting to bring her stuffed animal reindeer, Rudolph to school since we have been back from Christmas break. Rudolph is very special because Santa brought him to Chianna even though she didn't specifically ask Santa for him, but saw Rudolph in the store after she saw Santa. She is impressed that Santa and the Elves knew about her wanting Rudolph and delivering! : )

Evidently there is a time when they have recess that they are allowed to bring out a toy and play and share it. Last week we told her she could take Rudolph to school with her on Tuesday and she was counting down the days, because it was a MAJOR event to her. She even didn't want to sleep with him on Monday night for fear of forgetting to put him in her backpack Tuesday morning! This deer comes every where so that was shocking.

So, Tuesday night we pick her up from school and I asked her all about Rudolph's day at school. She was telling me all about it and said that she only let girls touch her deer "because boys have germs". So I giggled with her a little and smiled and said that was ok and she decided to elaborate that girls have germs too, but boys' germs are yucky and she doesn't like boys. She will only like boys when she is older and gets married when she has a boyfriend.

Of course this is all news to Daddy who is perfectly happy with boys being yucky and germy in her eyes!

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