Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Little Anthropologist

So as you may know or have guessed, Chianna loves dinosaurs. It is her favorite thing. She got this awesome set of play dinos from Uncle Jack & Auntie P for Christmas and it had all different little dinos in it and a few cavemen too. She announced to Uncle Jack as soon as she opened it that she would not be playing with the people, she only wanted the dinos. (Hey, at least she is honest, I guess?) So the other day she opened it and was pretty insistent about not wanting the people. So Myke and I convinced her to keep the people and pretend they are riding the dinos or something like that. Evidently she was mostly upset because she didn't want to have to pretend play that the dinos ate the people! So I thought I would remind her (although I knew she already knew) that people didn't live the same time as dinosaurs did. She said "I know Mommy, it is just a toy." In a very "duh" tone. I thought it was pretty hilarious. Soon she will be schooling us all on the history of dinosaurs. I'm pretty sure she will discover what really happened to them.

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Tammie said...

Whew! She really knows what she wants. G-d help you when she's old enough to like boys!