Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Magic Kingdom Abandoned Helping Those with Special Needs

As an update to the experience I posted over the weekend that my dad had with my daughter and my niece. I had some more details to add once I was able to speak with him.

When he went up to the Disney Cast Member (CM) at City Hall, instead of greeting him she asks, "What's your issue with Disney?" He went on to explain to her that they were hoping to get assistance for his granddaughter and explained to the CM that she has Cerebral Palsy, doesn't have use of her right arm, she fatigues easily, and has balance issues. She kept repeatedly asking HIM what his handicap was and what services HE needed. He kept repeating back that it wasn't for him, it was his granddaughter and was pointing to her. The CM didn't even look at her or acknowledge the doctor notes and school notes he brought in. She was robotic, uncaring, condescending and bordering on rude. Finally Chianna had to pope up and said "It's me that needs assistance, not him!" He asked about the fast pass assistance to minimize their wait times so that they could see the park before Chianna got too tired out and they had to leave. She said they didn't have anything like that and offered a stroller or wheel chair at no charge.

He finally opted for the stroller, getting a double one so that she could fit in it. He said navigating the lines in any stroller or wheel chair is not easy because the lines were not made for that. It causes unnecessary and undue attention.

The fast pass kiosk for The Little Mermaid ride is all the way at Mickey's Philharmonic for some strange reason, so after walking all the way over to Little Mermaid, they were sent all the way back to Mickey's Philharmonic to get the fast pass.

The system they have does not help those who need assistance and certainly does not help single parents or grandparents there by themselves!

For the first time EVER, I am thinking of not going back to Disney World and the Disney Parks when we are in Orlando next month. And until they fix this broken system, they are going to continue to lose money and have families like us disappointed and upset!

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