Thursday, November 21, 2013

Update On The Disney World Magic Kingdom Disability Assistance Services Situation

An update: Yesterday, I called the number listed on the Disney Parks Disability Access Service Card Fact Sheet

I spoke with a live person who answered the phone right away. She listened to my issues. She apologized for the problems that my dad and my daughter had last weekend. I explained to her that we actually had plans to go again next month and for the first time ever, I was thinking of not going. She took down all my information and said that someone from management would be calling me back. She said that what happened was not supposed to happen and detailed what should have happened. She said that the CM should have given my dad a Guest Assistance Services Card that they would present at each ride and be given a return time. She said that they could return to the ride any time after that return time, it did not have to be that exact time, just after. She said that if that is not something that works for my daughter's disability to explain that to the CM at guest services at that time and they would work out something that would work for her needs. I explained that although this new system is not as accommodating as the old one, that at least that would have been better than putting her in a stroller or a wheel chair and having my dad try to navigate a double stroller though the lines that are not made for a stroller or a wheel chair. I told her that offering a stroller or a wheel chair is not a welcomed assistance, she spends hours in therapy every week trying to get stronger and balanced to ensure she won't need something like that. I also mentioned that my dad, who is a 68 year old grandfather, was there by himself, essentially as a single parent/grandparent with 2 young girls and that it showed just how hard the system is on single parents. Going back and forth to try to get fast passes at kiosks  meant everyone trekking together. I specifically mentioned the problem they have with the fast pass kiosk for The Little Mermaid Ride all the way at Mickey's Philharmonic. She said that the CM should not have sent him to go get the fast pass, that they should have had someone bring it to him! Again, the posted accommodations and what "should" happen is not what actually is happening. I am thankful that they listened and she wrote everything down, even read it all back to me. I made a point of telling her that I was calling not only for my daughter, but for all of the other families that feel turned away by Disney. I mentioned that my own social media and message boards are filled with people saying they are not going back until they have a reassurance that it is fixed. I told her that we never saw any abuse of the previous system and that it seems like they let a few bad apples spoil the bunch at the expense of people young and old with special needs that needed that assistance in order to be able to enjoy the park. She said that they were working on it and that someone from management would be calling me back to make sure that our trip there next month was "a magical experience again". I will keep you all posted!

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