Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dee Dee's Grandma Hilda

Dee Dee never got to meet my mom - her Grandma Hilda. But sometimes we have to wonder whether or not she is more in tune with mom than we know or whether she is just getting stories and ideas from things we say and do. Occasionally, when visiting someplace, she will say "Grandma Hilda took me here when I was a little baby." I'm not sure how memories work or whether she has made up a memory or what that's about but we just leave it alone.

The other day, we went to my dad's house and he proudly shows us Dee Dee's new project. She has made a construction paper Grandma Hilda! She said that she doesn't want him to be alone and instructed him to keep this in his room so that when he wakes up in the morning he is not alone! No idea where she got this idea or anything! She even made a cardboard bed and paper blanket for "Grandma Hilda". Dad said that she is really intent on making sure that he is not alone and wants his help making a robot Grandma Hilda so that "he can have a wife".

I'll have to get a picture of this so that I can share it and document it here!

For today's catch up post, I have added pics and videos from Chinese New Year.


Tammie said...

What a sweet girl Dee Dee is! I want to see pics for sure of Grandma Hilda!

Vivian M said...

I am always amazed at how kid's minds work. Dee Dee is a very sweet girl and I hope she never loses that compassion!

Candy said...

Dee Dee is a very caring young lady who really appreciates her grandpa and wants to make sure that he is very happy. Minds work in amazing ways, don't they?