Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally Found Pho in South Florida!

Since we have decided to adopt from Vietnam, we have been trying our best to learn about and immerse ourselves in Vietnamese culture. Since we love food, one of the things we have been in search of is Vietnamese food. Its not that easy to find in South FL. There was Sushi Takara, one of our favorite suhi places, which also had some Vietnamese dishes, however sadly it looks like the economy has gotten to them, they closed a few months ago after being open for at least the last 6 years that we had been going there. But until recently we did not know of any actual, authentic, Vietnamese restaurants.

A couple weeks ago my dad said he thought he noticed a Vietnamese restaurant in Pembroke Pines, when I was in the neighborhood, I took the time to check it out and returned a couple weeks later with Myke to check it out. The restaurant is called Pho 78 and is on the northeast corner of Pines Blvd. and University Drive.

This is a family run type place, very casual and very comfortable. There were lots of Vietnamese patrons in the restaurant, which is always a good sign that its authentic and good! If you have not had Vietnamese cuisine before, you have to check it out! It is very good, mostly mild dishes that are very healthy. I ordered chicken breast with rice, which was very tasty. Myke asked the server to bring him his favorite. After asking "Really?" the server said, "Ok, I will bring you the Pho I have every morning for breakfast!" He showed up with a big Pho bowl full of all kinds of meats and vegetables! Now that's what we call a good, hearty breakfast! If you don't know what Pho (pronounced fa) is, it is a big hearty bowl of broth type soup with meats, vegetables and noodles. Myke loved this Pho bowl and ordered it when we went back to the restaurant with my dad a couple weeks ago.

After we found Pho 78, we figured that was the only place around. Shortly after that, while driving home from work one night, I noticed a small sign on Commercial drive east of University Drive that said "Phuong Nam Vietnamese Cuisine". I was so excited! This place is much closer to our house than Pembroke Pines is! We went by Phuong Nam for dinner twice in the last week! Its really great! Especially with the cold weather, there's no better dinner than a hearty bowl of hot soup! At Phuong Nam, both times, I have had chicken noodle Pho. Its so good! Its a big bowl of broth with white meat chicken breast, vegetables and noodles. Pho comes with a plate of Vietnamese condiments that you can add to your liking: bean sprouts, limes, jalapeno pepper slices, basil leaves and fennel leaves. They serve Jasmine Iced tea, which is so nice and refreshing. This is also a family restaurant with a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Oh, and I forgot one of the best parts: at both these restaurants, a full meal starts at around $7!

So, we are so excited to have a great and inexpensive place to eat, but also very excited that Chianna will be able to experience familiar flavors of home! We hope that she loves it just like we do!

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Tammie said...

I can't wait to try Phuong Nam this week. I've been wanting to try Vietnamese food for a while.

Carol and Taylor said...

A great hole in the wall restaurant on SW 8 street a block or two east of SW 37 Ave...its call "Hi-Fong"...phonetically. I probably butchered the spelling. Its delish, and might be a nice change for you. Its on the south side of the street.

Easier to get a seat the earlier you get there.

Happy Eating!