Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fishing Day Trip to the Keys

My dad decided to plan a little get away day trip to The Keys to go fishing with me and Dee Dee. Dee Dee's other grandpa "Vo Vo" came along too and we had a very nice relaxing trip.

Goofin' around taking pics in the car.

We didn't really have a plan, just to find a neat place to fish and to get some lunch while down there. So we headed down on a beautiful day. The high was abut 74 and barely a cloud in the sky!

We stopped for lunch at one of my favorite spots: Sundowners in Key Largo. The food is great and you really can't go wrong eating with a view like this:

Here was our little fishing spot for the day:

Vo Vo did the best out of us and caught this fabulous beer can and sea weed!

Happy girl on the way home:


Tammie said...

It looks like a great day! I'd love to visit that spot where you went fishing. Of course I just want to find a quiet place to zone & read a good smutty book!

Love the pics!

Vivian M said...

What a beautiful day! Love the pictures.