Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beautiful Day at the Park

Took advantage of the beautiful day out & went to the park!

Chianna climbed on the slide and playground for a while & then we decided to fly Myke's new boat kite!

Putting the kite together was quite a task!

Oh! btw. . . check out Chianna's new shoes! She didn't want pink sneakers this time, she asked for blue. They really look more like black and white, but she is very happy with them. They are attached to her de-rotational cable that goes along her right leg and connects to a belt. It stops the inside rotation of her right leg.

Say cheese!!!

And we have lift off!!! : )

New pics to add from this visit to the park:

Whenever we go to a playground, Chianna climbs to the highest slide.

And then does it over and over again!

This park has a rock climb and Chianna doesn't let anything stop her!

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Evan said...

Looks like a great day at the park!