Saturday, February 27, 2010

Musical Chairs

Chianna got a mini recliner for Christmas that matches the recliner chairs that Myke & I have in our living room, where we watch tv. She loves her little chair, but so does someone else! The first opportunity he has and every night as soon as she goes to bed. . . .

How is that comfortable? I have no idea! But he climbs into this chair every opportunity he gets!

And how can you refuse a face like this? ROFL

So why is the post called musical chairs? Chianna always wants to sit in her daddy's chair, and plays this game with him, where she will look at him and smile, and say "my chair!" and go running to try and beat him to his chair and sit in it. Its so funny, she cracks up laughing the whole time, and when she gets to the chair first, she yells her little victory cry: "Woo, hoo, hoo!" It's hilarious! Good times!

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