Saturday, February 6, 2010

Teaching Chianna Lots at

Time for Learning at

One of the best things I have found in our quest for teaching Chianna English and general pre-school learning concepts has been a great kids educational website called We started it before she had started pre-K and now use it to reinforce what she is learning in the classroom.

Depending on your child's level, they can do this on their own or, as with Chianna, I sit with her and click what she points to (whether its wrong or right, since the site does corrections for me, and rewards her when she's right).

Here are some screen shots from

Time 4 Learning Home Schooling Online
Learning P and the "P" sound.

Time 4 Learning Home Schooling Online

Time 4 Learning Home Schooling Online
Which word starts with "P"?

Time 4 Learning Home Schooling Online

Time 4 Learning Home Schooling Online

Learning words that start with "P".

I should mention here that gave me one month free in exchange for posting a blog post review about our experience with it. I have to say that I totally love the innovative and fun way it teaches Chianna very important learning principles. She also loves doing things on the computer since Myke and I are both on our computers so much, she feels like she is included. makes learning fun for Chianna and something that she asks to do on a regular basis.

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Tammie said...

What a wonderful program! I remember when you asked if anyone had used it. I'm glad that Chianna is getting so much out of it. And of course the fact that she's included in computer time is probably a big thing for her.

I love that Time4Learning gave you the free month. Word of mouth truly is the way to things out there.