Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday Party Fun at Flamingo Gardens

I have lived in South Florida all my life and for some reason, had never visited Flamingo Gardens before. I am so glad we were invited to our friend's birthday party there and finally got a chance to experience this beautiful park and commune with Florida's nature, practically in our back yard.

We went on a tram tour of the park and here are the photos:

So serene and beautiful on this lake - I loved it here!

Look closely, there is a bird in the tree!

The nubs sticking up are actually roots of the tree!

This peacock accompanied us on our tram tour.

Here are some great photos I took of Chianna while on the tram tour:

Next we saw the wild life show and learned alot about Flamingo Gardens and wild life. Flamingo Gardens is an animal sanctuary, home to injured and rehabilitated animals that are unable to survive on their on in the wild.

First we met an opossum. This one happens to be blind, but still is able to get around really well. We learned that opossums are not rodents and also are not very smart animals because their brains are so small. They are famous for "playing dead" which is actually a reaction they have when they get so scared, they actually lose consciousness! Opossums are scavenge feeders and eat fruits and vegetables.

Next he asked if we knew what the fastest animal on the planet is. And I thought what most other people yelled out: Cheetah. Well, we were all wrong! The fastest animal on the planet is the falcon! It has speeds clocked up to 70 MPH!

We also got to see a box turtle and baby alligator up close.

Next we went onto the aviary where we got to see lots of birds and also some turtles!

We walked through the park to see all the animals, most of which are free to roam the grounds. The alligators, snapping turtles and Florida Panthers are safely enclosed though!

And our last stop was feeding the flamingos! These beautiful birds really amazed me with how gentle they are. We were able to feed them right out of our hands. Chianna was so brave, as soon as she got the hang of it, she really loved feeding them.

After seeing the whole park, we went back to the party area, where they have picnic tables and we ate dinner and had birthday cake! Happy Birthday to sweet Mae Li! What a great time we had! I can't wait to go back to Flamingo Gardens again soon!

The Birthday Girl!

Birthday Party Fun:

My girl in blue, very festive with her drink umbrella in her hair!

Flamingo Gardens is a very beautiful place and now that I have seen it, I am sure I will go back again and again.

Here are some videos I took:

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