Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chianna's First Panther Game!

The newest Panther fan!

Panthers won the game 4 - 1! The Panthers were in their blue jerseys, they played the Hurricanes, who wore red. Myke was explaining the game to her and told her to root for the "blue" and the red is bad! She caught on pretty fast and was yelling "Go, Blue" & "Red, Bad!" She then realized that blue needed to get the puck into "red's house" LOL

She spent the entire game narrating it. I think she will have a job as a hockey announcer soon!

We realized today while at the grocery store that we failed to explain that the "blue and red" things was only at the hockey game! A man was next to us in the grocery store, said hi to her and, unfortunately, he was wearing a red shirt! She yells "RED, BAD!!!" really loud at him! Oh boy! Myke had to explain really quick why she was yelling at him!

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Candy said...

Too funny. Kids will be Kids.