Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dee Dee's Birthday Party!

Dyansty turns 6! I can't believe she is getting so big already! Dee Dee's b-day party was at Sparez Bowling Lanes in Davie. The kids had a blast and Dee Dee had a lot of fun despite having the flu all week. Here are some pics from today:

The Brithday Princess!

Daddy helping her bowl (with some assistance from the rail and gutter guards! LOL

Dee Dee with her cousin Elijah. They are best buds!

Bowling Fun!

Pizza, soda, chicken finger, and cake! What a well rounded Birthday meal!

Dee Dee & Elijah "gettin' down" dance video!

Please note the score! I was winning - beating, Myke, my brother, and my dad all the way up until the last frame when I blew it! But, not bad for someone who has not bowled in years! Unless you count online bowling, maybe all of the Pogo Bowl games have sharpened my real life bowling skills!??!! *Har - dee Har Har*

Nice pic of me and Myke and my dad! Notice my dad's FLY bowling shirt!

Her "Bolt" B-Day cake!

My camera battery was running low so I didn't get to many shots, but I will post more when I get them from my brother - he took a lot more photos and I took a lot of photos with his camera.

And now that all the fun stuff is over, on to my rant about Sparez Bowling Alley! Now the kids had fun, which is the MOST important part, BUT no thanks to the unorganized fashion and extremely unprofessional way that Sparez runs a birthday party! There were several there today, and I am sure they run many birthday parties, but today I would have thought they had no experience with this and had no idea what they were doing!

The party started at 4pm with bowling. The bowling was scheduled to stop at a certain time and then the food was supposed to arrive. Well, they turned off the lanes (with little notice whether you were done with your game or not) , and then the food did not show up for over 20 minutes! Luckily Jack's friend Rich, the Balloon Man, was there to entertain the kids with his fabulous balloon art and give all the kids balloons. The food finally came, Jack complained to our attendant that 'this was kind of messed up', the food was so late, we still wanted to bowl, and it was now nearing 6pm (end of the party). Plus, the "DJ" had not come over to do his announcements and dance songs for the kids like we had heard done for the other birthday party. I guess the DJ was told that Jack complained, at which point he said OVER THE MICROPHONE something to the effect of, "Oh, I didn't think I needed to go down there since the balloon guy took over the party." WHAT??!!?? At that point the adults tempers started to escalate because that was just rude and unnecessary, and did I mention unprofessional?! About 10 minutes later, he mosied on down to the end of the bowling alley we were at to do the birthday "schtick" at which point he acknowledges Dynasty, then asks all the kids in her party to come forward. [Now, I have to interject something here: Jack & Pryscilla had 10 kids invited and RSVP'd to the party and for whatever reasons, only 4 kids had shown up. Dynasty was a little upset, had mentioned it, but didn't seem too upset. That is until, you guessed it. . . ] The DJ then says in the most dissapointed voice, "there's only four of you?". Pauses, says "wait a minute" and then turns to the party next to us and tries to start involving those kids in the birthday songs and dances. OMG!!! At this point, I feel like I am helplessly watching a train wreck in progress. Helpess because this is Jack and Pryscilla's place to start freaking out, which is probably not a good idea anyhow because the kids are still pretty oblivous to all the crap going on. And helpless because Myke had a headache and was asking me to leave for over 10 minutes already. The lights and loud music and escalating situation were just making things worse on him, so I tossed my bowling shoes to the side and took off! As of now, I have not spoke to my brother since the party, but I did speak to my dad who said that the DJ eventually came over and Dynasty got her birthday dances and attention that she deserved AND they did get some money back after complaining. But why should they have to go through this crap? A birthday is supposed to be a happy occasion and one of the reasons for having it someplace like Sparez is to have everything taken care of for you and for it to be stress free.

SO, their punishment from me, is me letting my blog readers know not to go there, not for a birthday party, not for anything! My brother said they used to go there often and now they have lost their business. All I can say is that they are lucky that Dee Dee did not recognize they were screwing up her party OR ELSE, there would be much more hell to pay!


Remember, my shirt and my bag both say:


Carol and Taylor said...

Uh-Oh...thanks for the info. I'm trolling the internet as we speak for a kid party venue. I won't bother checking this place out.

Such a shame.

Kind regards,

Carol and Taylor

Tammie said...

Holy cow! And that's the nicest thing I can think of to say right now! I can only imagine how your family felt after all the planning that went into Dee Dee's party. I'm glad that she was oblivious to the BS, but that doesn't make it okay.

As for the no shows, I don't get it. If you RSVP to a party, then you show up. OR at least have the courtesy to call & offer an "I'm sorry, but . . ."

Either way, we wish Dee Dee a very Happy Birthday!! Just think. Next year you'll be doing all this for Chianna.

Vivian M said...

Oh you are too nice. I am very glad that Dee Dee was oblivious and had fun. And I am glad you are blogging about it, because that was so inexcusable. If they cannot handle it, they should not over book themselves, period.
Hope Myke feels better!

jolene said...

love the blogger comment on your bag and shirt.......


alicejhon said...

Nice blog......lovely pics!!!!!
the dance video of Dee Dee is so cute.

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