Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Poem for Chianna!

As a new day and a new week starts tonight in Vietnam, I am hoping and praying that some people in Hanoi are working on our case and doing whatever paperwork needs to be done to get us there to be with our baby girl!

I hope she knows how her Mommy and Daddy are thinking about her and loving her so much every minute of everyday! And we are not the only ones! So many of our family and friends are waiting for Chianna to come home too so that they can love her and show her our world!

Our amazing friend Brenda wrote a poem for Chianna! We are so thankful for her loving poem, it goes beyond words, but these words sure are awesome!


Open arms of love waiting.
A daughters heart anticipating.
Strength divine that held to hope,
and conquered every uphill slope.

A mother’s love that never wavered.
A father’s fervent prayer is favored.
Chianna's smile growing ever nearer.
Mom and dad's hearts already hear her.

Packing and planning always seeing her face.
A mad rush of travel....she's in your embrace!!!

We will all treasure this poem forever and ever! Thank you so much, Brenda, your words are sweet and you are even sweeter!

Today's "catch up" post is Ara & Janet's Wedding


Tammie said...

When I first read Brenda's poem to Chianna, I was in tears. She has a heck of a way with words.

Top...Brenda, Mark....Shane(left)Kyle(right) said...

Just catching up on your wonderful blog! So so so so happy and thankful to see all those wonderful pictures that you received of Chianna opening her package. OMGoodness! She is just the sweetest lil' girl! YES! 2009 IS THE YEAR OF MOMMY AND DADDY FOR YOU BOTH!!! I'm so glad you liked the poem. My heart was overwealmed with love for you all and faith that Chianna will soon be here in your arms!

Love, Bren

Vivian M said...

What a beautiful poem!