Saturday, January 10, 2009

Need Your Input, Please!

Hi All!

I am at a costume convention buying show. That's right, we have to make our decisions for Halloween now - this early! Well the reason why I am calling on my mom friends, especially those in the Asian adoption community is because they have come out with Ni Hao Kai Lan costumes!

However, I am not sure about the material, so I would like your opinions on the costumes and most importantly, then kids' opinions and if they would wear them!

Newborn and Infant size jumpsuit, I don't think we would get unless you all think differently:

And then there is a deluxe and regular costume for toddler, small and medium:

Deluxe would probably sell for about $35

The regular would probably sell for about $25

The deluxe has a slightly nicer headpiece for the wig. Here is a close up of the material, it is a poly flannel material, kind of like pajamas.

And I am not sure if the headpiece is the the wig (not hair, just a foam material) or it it is the whole Kai Lan face as well as pictured above. It is probably still in production.

And there is also a wig that looks cute and would be sold separately:

The point of me checking on all this is that it is still early enough for me to ask or suggest to change some designs or add new ones. Like maybe the red Chinese outfit she wears sometimes? Just let me know what you think!

I know that Ni Hao Kai Lan is spelled wrong on the slides I too these pics of, it was already corrected.

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Carol and Taylor said...

in hot florida, i wouldn't put my kid in the baby outfit. too hot! the costume for the older child has some possibilities, though, and I'd get it for my daughter but for the fact that she's in love with her princess dresses to the exclusion of all else.

Perhaps a less "princess'y" child would enjoy wearing it?

Good luck. From the outside looking in, your job sounds like lots of fun. Hope you can enjoy vegas around your work.

Kind regards,

Carol and Taylor

Jenn said...

I can tell you that on chinaadopttalk last Halloween people were saying that their children wanted this costume, and no one could find one.

Jenn said...

Also I wouldn't put my kid in a full mask. I would use the wig, though.

Heather said...

I think I would like your idea of the red chinese dress better. I don't really like this outfit.If this was my only choice and my child insisted on being Kai Lan I would just purchase the really cute wig and use one of our own asian outfits with it. Cute concept just don't love the design or material.

Leanne said...

Hi Shari! My name is Leanne and I found your blog through our yahoo group (our little one is in your little ones orphanage as well!). We are currently waiting for our letter and for VN to release our paperwork. Maybe we will travel together! What step are you guys on? I hope you get approval soon!

LaLa said...

Ditto Heather.... cute idea but too hot on the infant one. I know I wouldnt do the full face thing...

Annslee won't want it b/c she is all Princess...well, she did say she wanted to be a My Little Pony next year...see one of those?