Monday, March 30, 2009


FINALLY!!!! We are almost on our way and can't wait to finally meet Chianna in person and bring her home. I can't believe it is finally actually going to happen. Late last Thursday night we received an email from INS in Hanoi with our preliminary approval for our i600 application - which is the application for Chianna's Visa to come home. The email also stated that we had permission to travel to Vietnam!!!

We're almost there, sweet baby!

Now all we need is our appointment for the G&R ceremony and we're off to Vietnam!

Now on to making plans for travel, packing lists, picking hotels.


Candy said...

You already know how excited I am for you. Can't wait to meet Chianna.

Leanne said...

SOOO excited for you!! Have y'all gotten any word on when your GNR might be?

Tammie said...

You know where we stand on this news. CONGRATS!!!

Jenn said...

This is SUCH GOOD NEWS!!!! Thank God.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

YIPEE :) So excited for you :) Congrats on getting the approval and being closer and closer :)

Celeste, Noah and Jeremiah's (waiting in Taiwan)mama