Monday, March 23, 2009

Dee Dee the Softball Star

Dee Dee is in her second year of Pee Wee Fast Pitch Girls' Softball and she is really getting the hang of it and seems to be having a great time!

Dee Dee's team is the Pink Panthers!

Dee Dee plays in the outfield

and she also plays catcher too.

"Softball Ready"

Dee Dee's fans, complete with signs and banners!

Practicing with Papa

After the games on Saturdays, we have been going out for lunch with the whole family, its so much fun and great family time.

Uncle Mykie wearing his pink in support of the Pink Panthers!

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Candy said...

Very cute! Go Dee Dee. Great hit. You look adorable in your 'pink'. Wow, you're going to be a Big Sister real soon. Have fun with your baby brother.