Monday, July 30, 2007

Jet Lagged - Stuck on Jet Blue

NYC or BUST!!!

Here we go on my first trip by myself. Am I a big girl now or a big baby? ; )

Ughhh . . . .

So, I get to the Orlando airport at 3:30 for my 5:30 flight and get through check in and security in all of 10 minutes to find that the flight is delayed and will not leave until 6:30. Oh yeah! So, I set myself up in a seat and plug in my computer to the wall. This way, at least I pass the time catching up on email, writing blogs, playing pogo - all the usual things. After about an hour, I check on my flight to see that it is now scheduled to leave at 7:30 - yipee. Waiting around in an airport alone is just so much fun!

Then at about 5:30pm, they announce a gate change; and of course it is not a nearby gate, it is on the other side of the terminal. So I am there all plugged in and online, etc when they make the announcement and all these people get up and they are hauling ass over to the new gate. Um, hello, people??!! The flight is not supposed to be leaving for like 2 hours, why are you running? Great, by the time, I get over to the new gate, I just know I will not have a place to plug in, but I don't want to sit around at the old gate. It would be just my luck that they would then move up the flight and leave without me. So, off I go to the new gate. Made a potty stop and a coffee break along the way. And I get to the gate and, of course, as predicted there are no plugs near any open seats, so I plop myself on the floor next to a plug and power up. After about 45 minutes of sitting on the hard floor, my legs are asleep and I am so over the kid with the whoopie cushion sitting next to me and the family giving a play by play of the luggage being loaded onto the plane (which finally arrived) my low battery warning comes on, so not only am I sitting on the floor for no reason since the plug didn't work, now I have no computer for the rest of the wait or the flight. At least that's not a big deal since Jet Blue has TVs, which can keep me occupied during these boring flights.

So, the flight finally boards around 7:45pm or so. I am in row 21 of 25 and the flight attendant asked me if I could switch seats or else a four year old girl will have to sit by herself. So, I gladly moved to the very back row, which I hate, but I am sure that is not nearly as bad as a four year old having to sit by herself. Who does these seating assignments anyways? Probably the same genius who comes up with how they load the passengers on the planes.

So, there I am in the back of the plane, directly in front of the bathroom. YUM-O (NOT)! And at 8pm they announce that there is another weather delay and they will not be updating the captain again until 8:45 at which time they will inform him whether or not we can even leave then or not. Oh Boy - just what I wanted, 45 minutes more time on the plane in front of the bathroom, which now had a line in front of it and did continuously the entire 45 minutes. Evidently, not a single one of these passengers went to the bathroom in the airport during the 2 hour delay for fear that the plane would suddenly board and leave without them if they dare step into the bathroom to pee. UGHHH!!! Use your brains, people!

The only saving grace is Jet Blue's TVs and a bonus was a cool guy named Lou Lou that I sat next to - he was very friendly and nice to sit next to on a plane.

I finally arrived in NYC a little after midnight. It was a 3 hour weather delay. I stayed at the Hampton Inn near Madison Square Garden and this was an awesome hotel, especially for NYC standards. The room was very spacious with a nice bathroom and a flat screen TV on the wall. I was upset that I was not able to stay at the hotel where the conference was until I found out that those rooms were more money and were so cramped that "you could flush the toilet while lying in the bed", as my friend Joe described it.

I learned so much at the conference, I am really glad I went - it was totally worth every penny. Thanks JOE!! And thanks for dinner in Chinatown - that was cool!

Now I just need time to implement all the stuff I learned and get the website in order before the Halloween rush starts. I am also really glad to be home now and exhausted still.

Is it November yet?

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