Sunday, July 29, 2007

Orlando Birthday Trip

A very cool birthday gift!

Myke's parents got us tickets to see the Blue Man Group show at Universal Orlando as well as one night in the Royal Pacific hotel at Universal. Usually when we go to Orlando, we stay with Jim & Alvi at there house, which I like to do because I love to spend time with them, just hanging out in the living room talking and watching TV. So, we got to do that Friday night, we also go to see Nonie and Papa for dinner - double bonus!

Saturday morning I woke up to my favorite breakfast treat: Alvi's crescent rolls with sausage!! .....mmmmm..... Myke installed some motion sensor lights for them and we were off to see the Blue Men.

We got caught in a giant rain storm [please see: How Bout This Drought We're Having?] on the way to the show, but even a torrential downpour and a soaking wet outfit won't get me down when its Blue Man Group concert day. This show is so awesome! The one at Universal is very similar to the one in Vegas, which I have seen 3 times already and can't get enough. This one is a little more updated and has a few slightly different things from the Vegas show, but is equally entertaining. The "paper" finally comes far too fast for me. If you have not seen them perform, it is an absolute must!! GO, DO IT NOW!!!

So the show is over and we head over to the hotel, which is very nice and the decor is all Asian Polynesian style. Too bad we only have one night there.

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