Saturday, July 28, 2007

Myke's Balloon Beating

Did anyone get a pic of Myke's "balloon beating" at the FCC dinner last night? It was hilarious how most of the kids targeted him and had at it! Who would have ever known how much fun about a dozen old balloons could bring? What a hilarious time. I think the whole appeal of it is Myke's funny faces and noises as the balloons hit. He even got doused with a water balloon once or twice! I wish I had taken a pic, but as usual, I don't. I just got a new phone and upped my plan so that I can email myself unlimited phone pics, so get ready for lots of photos!

We are in Orlando for the weekend visiting with Myke's mom and dad. We also got to see Nonie & Papa for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, we are celebrating our birthdays with our gift from Myke's parents - Blue Man Group Tix and a night at one of the hotels at Universal Studios - how cool is that? Plus, we get extended b-day celebration time!! Always a BONUS! : )

Sunday I am headed to NY for a two day class on SEO. Kind of exciting, kind of odd, kind of scary all at the same time - I don't think I have ever travelled by myself before! Does this mean I'm finally a grown up or a big baby?

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