Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas 2007

We spend Christmas every year at Myke parents' house in Orlando. His family is so warm and loving, I can't thin of a better way or better place to spend Christmas! Christmas morning always begins with the opening of the stockings. We each have two stockings, because Santa fills the stockings at our house and also at mom and dad's house!

Christmas Morning includes: Myke's mom, Myke's dad, my dad, Myke, me, Myke's brother Brian, Nonie and Papa; oh, and don;t forget, Oscar, Aku, and Yogi too. Gifts fill the room, we hardly have room to sit! And imagine, there are not even any little kids around yet!

And the giving and receiving of presents begins! This usually lasts about 2 hours!

Myke got me new fuzzy, soft slippers:

My dad is showing off his gift from Yogi: Scottish Licorice!

(Yes, even the dogs give and get presents on Christmas morning!)

This is a little dark to tell, but Yogi's favorite thing is laying in the crumpled up wrapping paper:

And after the presents are all opened, Myke's mom makes my favorite: sausages wrapped in crescent rolls! Mmmm mmm good!

And shortly after, this is what I found . . . .

A Christmas afternoon siesta!

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