Sunday, January 6, 2008

Results of the Need for a Better Health Care System

I was just told about a very sad situation that has been going on here in South Florida for several months now. This is the story of Linda and Les Bauman. Linda and Les are husband and wife and they are each experiencing the fight of their life, just in a different ways. Linda, is fighting for her life and Les is fighting for Linda.

What can we each do to help? Money, awareness, and a call for a change in our health care. I do not personally know them, and I wish there were more that I could do, but I have a big mouth and a pretty big online network, so I will speak out for them and fight for better health care. I am also contacting my congressman to see what he thinks can be done and to ask what he thinks can be done to change our health care system.

Contact Your Congressman


Here is the story in Les' words:

On August 26, 2007 my wife Linda Bauman suffered a head injury while water skiing (wakeboarding) at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach Florida. While she was wakeboarding she crashed in the water like we all do when we are learning a new skill. She hit the water with her head and body and then swam to shore and got out of the water. While she was walking back to me, I watched her collapse to her knees. I ran over to her and asked her if she is OK. She said she didn't feel well and started rubbing her head. She became unresponsive in my arms. Those were the last words she spoke to me. She then fell into a coma and has been comatose ever since.

Linda is the strongest person I have ever known. Giving her a chance with the proper care and coma stimulation is her only chance for recovery. After the accident she spent almost 100 days in the hospital in a coma. She needs to be at The Florida Institute for Neurological Rehabilitation (FINR). Here is where she will receive the stimulation and care she needs. Unfortunately BlueCross/BlueShield will not do the right thing and pay for her to go to FINR. They would rather spend as little as possible and put her in a Nursing Home for 60 days and then be done with their responsibility. Of course now it is costing more because while at the Nursing Home she developed pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. So more ER visit charges, hospital room charges and transport fees have occured therefore costing Blue Cross Blue Shield more money than if they were to transfer her to FINR.

Although we have what is considered “good” medical insurance, our medical provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield, has declined her transfer to the FINR facilities. Even with letters from her neurologists at the Broward Medical Center stating that it is a necessity that she be treated at the FINR facility, we have not been able get it approved through Blue Cross Blue Shield. I am hoping to raise enough funds from this raffle along with cashing in retirement savings and sick/vacation time, loans and personal savings to send Linda to FINR for their 90 day treatment plan.

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