Saturday, January 26, 2008

Which Candy Heart Are You?

Take this test!

It's not too surprising that "Be Good" is what your candy heart says. You've probably been hearing it all your life. From your third grade teacher, to your last serious relationship, there's just that little bit of mischief about you that keeps people on their toes. Could be the glimmer that your eyes get when you think of doing something you're not exactly supposed to be doing, like sneaking the last cookie from the plate or secretly filling your glass with the final sips of wine?

Were your parents reluctant to leave you at home without a chaperone? But overall, it's that impish sense of good fun that keeps people enamored by your charm.

People can't help but want to be around you. So when loved ones throw their arms around you, they really do mean it — even if their parting words are always, "Be Good".

Ok, this doesn't really apply to me, I think my converstation heart would sooner say "Goodie Two Shoes", but whatever, it seems like a fun quiz to take anyhow!


Vivian M said...

Mine said "Be Mine"...thanks for sharing, it was cute!

Tammie said...

That's okay. My result was "Say Yes." Don't you think I've already done that?

Jenn said...

You must be a bad girl at heart, Shari! Interested in playing tag? I've tagged you!