Monday, January 7, 2008

A Christmas Miracle!

This year, Myke and I had to cancel our annual Holiday Dinner Party when my dad and I decided to fly up to New York to visit my Uncle Len (Dad's brother). Uncle Len had fallen ill and the situation was very grave. We got word of this on Monday, the 17th (the day after Myke and I flew home from NY!). Dad and I planned on leaving Thursday and returning Saturday. Myke and I had planned our dinner party for that Saturday night, so we had to cancel it. While in NY, we visited with Uncle Lenny in the hospital and was doing better than expected but was not able to communicate with us and we were not sure if it was because of his condition or because of the ventilator and feeding tubes. It was a sad situation, but we were optimistic because he was doing better than the doctors expected. We left NY on Saturday a little unsure of Uncle Len's recovery.

Just after Christmas, we got word that they removed the ventilator and he was breathing on his own. Afew days later, they moved him out of intensive care and now, just a couple days ago, Uncle Len, actually called my dad and sounded just like his old self again, cracking jokes and in good spirits.

We are so happy, amazed and thankful that Uncle Len is getting better and better.

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