Monday, January 7, 2008

Our House at Christmas TIme

Since I have started blogging again, I have such a back log of posts to make. I would like to share with you photos of our house all decorated for Christmas.

Here is why I blow a fuse every time I blow dry my hair in December:

There are even lights inside!

And this year, we added a special addition to our wall of stockings:

Daddy bought this for the baby!

Mommy's stocking is on the left, and daddy's is on the right. Chianna's new stocking is nestled right in the middle!

New set up:

Update: Ok, after Vivian's comment sending ME kudos for decorating the house, I realize that I might have been misleading when I originally posted this. Myke did all of the decorating - it is his thing. I helped a tiny bit setting things up inside, but he did almost all of it. I cannot take credit for something I did not do.

Typical though, its like Myke buying a cute gift for his mom or Nonie and they immdiately thank me for it. Ha! Poor Myke, he does deserve the credit though, he decorates both holiday and non holiday, he cooks too and he definitely is the Mr. Fit It Man as well.

So, Viv, if Myke and I do come to Canada to visit, you and I can have coffee and chat while Myke decorates, cooks and fixes. Sound good? ROFL Oh, and I almost forgot, he will spend a lot of time playing with Kerri too, he is very good at playing - he is mentally about the same age.


Vivian M said...

If you are ever bored around the holidays feel free to come to my house and help decorate! Girl, that was awesome and I am sure you worked very hard...I just wish I could have seen it in person!

Tammie said...

Oh Shari you don't want to go out for coffee with Viv. You want her to cook for you too. She's a phenomenal cook herself & makes a mean "cup of courage."

The house looks wonderful all done up for Christmas. Myke definitely gets into the spirit of things!