Monday, March 10, 2008

Farscape is Coming Back!

Farscape is our all time favorite TV show. It ran from 1999 - 2002. When we found out it was getting canceled, we were both so upset. It's hard to believe that you can get that attached to a story line and its characters, but we did! So, while checking in on the Sci Fi channel website yesterday, I just decided to click on their Farscape link to see what they said and was thrilled to see this!!
Farscape Returns!
Farscape is Back in Webisodes
You can sign up for Farscape Webisode updates on the website. So, I have combed the web for more info, but cannot find it anywhere. I'm not sure how new this announcement is or if any of the main characters will be returning, but I will be sure to keep the blog updated as I find out info.

I really think this show has the draw to launch webisodes into the mainstream of video entertainment!

This sci-fi story is so well written and acted out so well, that it is hard for anyone to not fall in love with this show. Sure, it has a special appeal towards Sci Fi fans, since it is set in space in another galaxy, but also features one of the best love stories ever told and features the development of such a strong friendship bond between the characters. You also get an underlying sense of how these friendships overcome all types of barriers parallel to cultural and ethnic barriers that exist in real life. That is because these friends develop this tight bond even though they are different species from different galaxies, rather than different countries or origins of humans.

Farscape has a huge following even to this day, with an annual convention, fan websites galore, and one of the largest campaigns ever launched to save the show. In the end, the Henson Production Company and the Sci FI Channel, could not justify saving the show because of the expense of producing it. That is so unfortunate, because the show brought so much entertainment and joy to so many.

So if you have never seen Farscape and want to catch up, the series and its mini series finale is available on DVD, plus, they just recently announced that sesaon 1 is available on iTunes. You can also check out the synopsis on the Official Farscape Site. And here is a brief overview for you to get an idea of what the show is about:

Astronaut John Crichton [played by the amazingly handsome Ben Browder] assumes he'll be home in time for dinner. But a freak accident during an experimental space mission catapults him across a thousand galaxies to an alien battlefield. Suddenly, he's trapped among alien creatures wielding deadly technology - a battle that 20th century sci-fi pop culture never prepared him for. Hunted by a merciless military race, Crichton begins his quest for home from a galaxy far, far away...

Thus began the epic adventure "Farscape", the groundbreaking award-winning sci-fi production that has become a fan favorite around the world. Named by TV Guide as one of television's best cult shows ever and known for the overwhelming fan-based campaign that led to the miniseries production, "Farscape" has continued to find new audiences as it airs in syndication and is available on DVD around the world.

The Farscape universe will continue to be explored with new online webisodes produced by The Jim Henson Company and RHI Entertainment in partnership with SCI Be sure to check back here for updates on this and other "Farscape" related news.

Ben Browder will always be "Crichton" to us and Claudia Black will always be "Aeryn Sun", but you may also recognize them from another great Sci FI show, Stargate SG 1. Browder plays Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Claudia Black plays Vala Mal Doran. It was great to see them together again, even if they weren't "together" in the sense that all Farscape fans want them to be. Farscape also features the very cute and vivacious Gigi Edgley, who plays a character on Farscape with a name you might recognize: Chiana.

So to explain further, no, our daughter will not be named after an alien in a sci-fi show, we just really liked that name and spelled it Chianna - to incorporate my Nana's name (Anne). So, it was back then (probably 2000 or 2001) that we picked that name for our daughter, not based on the character, as much as we just really liked the name. But it does bring even more meaning to how important this show has been in our lives and more memories.


Tammie said...

Sure. Right. And I'm supposed to believe that Chianna isn't named after a SciFi character!? I say no to you my friend.

This from the woman who names her dogs after Lord of the Rings characters and her cats after Star Trek characters.

Lindy said...

So Cool to find another Scaper. If you're craving some Farscape now, check out our podcast @

There's some cool interviews with the cast members in many episodes and the latest ep features an interview with the Birth Father of FS: Rockne O'Bannon.

Scape on! Lindy Rae

calvierude said...

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christina said...

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