Friday, March 7, 2008

New Paperwork Completed Today

I found out last weekend that not only do our medical forms expire after 6 months, but our local police clearances and our employment letters also expired. This is quite frustrating, since I should have realized this updated them before we even sent them in, but alas - we have to spend the time to re-do them and probably have to spend the money to re-authenticate everything as well. So, last week, we got new medical forms done and this week, we got a new employment letter, and a new copy of our local police clearances. That was quite a frustrating car ride today, because neither Myke nor I could remember exactly where to go. After driving up and down the wrong street, we were finally directed to the right place after finding a policeman to ask! Ughhh - maybe next time, someone [me] who spends a little bit of time [almost every waking moment] in front of this computer, might look it up first. DUH!!!!!

I made an already frustrating situation even more frustrating and I feel terrible about it!

So now, we are holding on to the paperwork until we hear from the DIA in Vietnam. Once our paperwork gets logged in, there is a chance they may not require the updated forms since the dossier has been there since January. So, we have them ready and waiting! Hoping that we don't have to send them in because not only will it possibly delay our process, but it will also cost about another $500.00 in fees and shipping costs.

Ok, now I have to add the following story to this post. I was just getting ready to finish and publish this, when I get up to feed the dogs. Yogi evidently needed to go outside and was waiting by the front door. I didn't realize that he had already started to pee until I slipped on the peed on tile! I scream extremely loudly as I wipe out. (I'm OK, but I hurt my right wrist and left ankle in the fall.) Meanwhile, Yogi is running away and, of course, peeing across the rug the whole time. And Myke, comes running out of the office, flinging the office door open, causing the door of the dart board on the office door to fling open, right into his face! (Myke is OK, and has a red mark on his forehead.) He finally makes it over to me, laying on the floor (in dog piss) unable to get up without his help. So, he helped me up and I limped into the shower to wash myself off.

I know it is now a funny story, but at the time, it sucked.

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Vivian M said...

Aw I am sorry to hear about your paperwork and slip and fall. We walk very carefully in our home for the same reason (Pookie is having issues).
Hope you both get well soon and feel better too. Hugs!!!