Friday, August 10, 2007

Creature of Habit or Dodo Brain?

My friend Mary posted to our FCC group the other day about how most Publix stores in Florida are offering free antibiotics with a prescription. I thought this was a great bit of news to pass around, so I forwarded the email to all my friends, printed out the article and passed it around work for all of my staff to see, and raved about how cool it was for Publix to be doing this. That was on this past Tuesday or Wednesday. (I never know what day it is!). So here comes Friday (today) and Myke goes to the dentist. He had to have gum surgery (ewww, blah) and then was still a trooper and went to work. By the time we left work, he was starting to feel it since the numbness was waring off, so we went straight home. I offered to take his prescriptions to get them filled and (full well knowing that it was for antibiotics) headed straight over to CVS as usual. UGHHH! It didn't even dawn on me til I got home and opened them to give Myke his first dose and I read the name of the meds. I immediately start kicking myself and stomping around the house thinking I wasted $15 for nothing. But luckily, a quick look up told me that his antibiotic was not one f the 7 listed. Luckily? Luckily? Yes, ridiculously I am now happy that it is not on the list. Luckily my $15 co-pay was not spent in vain! If I had remembered ahead of time, I would have probably been pissed that it wasn't on the list, so I guess its just as well. Life is strange, indeed and I decided that I am a dodo brain anyway!Don't Worry Be Happy


Jenn said...

Just surfed over looking for some adoption news and to find out if you decided to go with Golden Palace Dot Com!

Shari McConahay said...

Not too much new adoption news and we haven't "seriously" decided on considering GoldenPalaceDotCom yet - SHOW US THE MONEY! Then maybe we can consider it. : )