Friday, August 17, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance?

This is just an awesome show. I have been watching it for the past two years now and I just love it. The talent is amazing and watching it brings me great joy. So, I wanted to post about it here and post some of my fave dance videos here on my blog:

My all time favorite dance is Wade Robson's Ramalama routine from last year:

This year, I really enjoyed so many routines, I cannot pick a favorite, so I will post a few:

This is Sabra and Neil's Jazz routine to Sweet Dreams:

This is Danny and Neil's Mia Michaels routine from the finale:

And here is Neil and Lacey performing an extremely touching Mia Michaels number:

Big congrats to Sabra for winning this year - all of the dancers were so great! I have to admit that I hardly voted at all this season because I could not choose!
Enjoy the videos and the dancing!

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