Friday, August 31, 2007

Headaches and The Birth Control Patch

Is anyone else aware of this issue? I went back on the birth control patch (Ortho Evra) this month. My monthly "friend" came on Monday and yesterday night, I got a really bad headache, with naseua and the chills. This came in cycles all night long. At first I thought I was dehydrated, but with the amount of fluids I pushed, that is unlikely now and I still feel awful. I seemed to remember something about the patch causing headaches. So, I look it up online and there is all kinds of reports about increased chances of blood clots. The first thing I clicked on was this story about a lady who died after several days of agonizing headaches from the hormones released into her body. Ummm, HELLO, should I be panicking now? That's not something you want to see when you have a splitting headache for two days now. Vicodin didn't even get rid of it. I feel a little better now, but it still hurts.

Why are doctors still prescribing the patch then? I used the patch before and didn't have any major problems. Under side effects it does list headache and chills, so it could be nothing, or it could be bad. If it doesn't get any better, I guess I'll be heading off to the Emergency Room. Beter to be safe than sorry.

Needless to say, I took the patch off and I'm not gonna fill any more perscriptions for it. And at this point, I don't think I want to put any more hormones in my body. So, I'll just have to deal with the cramps. That was the only reason I was going back on birth control anyway, and as bad as my cramps are, I'll take them over this headache any day.


Jenn said...

Blech. Please post an update when you can.

Anne & Grant said...

OMG--I have so many opinions on this you are going to be sorry I read your blog and am able to leave comments ;) First of all, I'm sorry you got so sick! Yuck! I have a love/hate relationship with birth control. I love it because it makes my lifelong struggle with horrible cramps better and we don't have to worry about getting pregnant. I hate it because I don't like the idea of being on artificial hormones and I gained 5 pounds instantly when I went on it. I use NuvaRing and really love the ease of it. My dr. doesn't prescribe the patch anymore because of the possible side effects (blood clots). (But I have a good friend who uses and loves the patch.) I think you were wise to discontinue use. However, I know that I have tried numerous forms of birth control pills and have had really yucky side effects, but with the ring the side effects are very minimal. But I say if you don't have to be on them--DON'T BOTHER!! I'm jealous!!! ;)

Tammie said...

I'm thrilled to hear that you took the patch off & won't be refilling that scrip! It sounds like you were on your way to getting even sicker.

I have to admit that I'm glad I don't need birth control. I decided a long time ago that since I can't get pregnant, I wasn't going to waste any more $$$. I donated enough to "the cause" when I was younger.

As for the cramps, I live on Aleve. And chocolate for 2 days straight.

Jenn said...

Blog-etiquette question: do you respond to comments made on YOUR blog on your blog or on the blog of the person who made the comments (who might miss them if they were on your blog).. Pondering...

Anyway, hello!! I know Sandy through the listserve. Isn't that funny? She is GREAT. It's a small adoption world...
AND Skip and I used "All I Ask of You" from Phantom in our wedding - it was beautiful!!! (We walked down the aisle to that and then back up the aisle to "I'll Cover You" from RENT - all instrumental on the piano)
RENT is my all-time favorite show. My favorite recent show is Avenue Q - the funniest thing I've ever seen. And my favorite classic show is "West Side Story".
AND I am getting ready to go back on the pill myself (also for cramping reasons)and I just hope it works out. I want to do the one where you only have 3 periods a year.

Shari McConahay said...

I'm no sure where you are supposed to post answers to comments, anyone know? Sometimes I answer comments in another comment, sometimes in another post and sometimes on the other person's blog. I am just all over the place!

Tammie - As for meds for cramps, my dr. perscribed 800 mg ibubrofin andit works really well. Chocolate is a must, but I'm not sure if t helps cramps, but it does help my disposition! : )-

Myke's mom was told that the was no way she could have children, they adopted Myke and 8 years later - surprise! Myke has a little brother.

Jenn - Your wedding songs soundlike that was a bunch of fun. I still have not gotten off my butt to get the professional pics all done from our wedding, but when I do, I will post about it, we had a Japanese wedding last year with a San San Kudo ceremony instead of exchanging rings and it was at Morikami Japanese Gardens. Myke and I had kimono costumes made for us.

jenn said...

How is this for a great first comment!

I usually use Pamprin multi-symptom, it not only helps with cramps, but I usually have nasuea too and it seems to help with that as well. I think there is a mild diuretic in it that does this....not sure though.

This is Jenn with twins from Adoppt, in case your wondering who on earth I am!