Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Ok, this is a hilarious "Out of the Mouth of Babes" incident. My niece, Dee Dee at 4 and 1/2 years old, says some pretty funny things (as most all little ones do). Sometimes you just have to wonder where she gets these things from!?! Dee Dee (which is short for Dynasty, BTW) spends lots of time with my dad, her Papa. Yesterday he went through a bit of an ordeal with her since she is not feeling well. My brother has to be at his store and my sister in law has school and works too, so Papa gets the task of taking Dee Dee to the doctor, where she is diagnosed with strep throat. [AWWWW!!!] Next stop is the pharmacy, where they don't have one of the medicines, so they head off to pharmacy #2, who has them, but its going to take a while, so he takes her to eat some lunch while they wait and then head back to the pharmacy to finally get the meds and then they are back in the car on the way to Vo Vo's (grandma's and grandpa's in Portuguese). At this point, after all this running around, my dad says to Dee Dee, "boy that was hard." To which Dee Dee replies, you just have to say, "A Man's Gotta' Do What a Man's Gotta' Do!" And insisted that my dad repeat this phrase, but then went on to amend it to "A Papa's gotta' do what a Papa's gotta' do."

Just crazy hilarious!

Dee Dee at our wedding
I am seriously lacking some recent photos of Dee Dee. I have a few recent ones that are not scanned into my computer yet, but my brother is supposed to be emailing me some more - hint hint, Jack!! So, this is a pic of Dee Dee last April at our wedding.

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