Saturday, May 9, 2009

Airport Homecoming!

Thank you to all our friends and family that came out to welcome us home! Here are some photos that Tammie and Lisa took at the airport. We were walking for what seemed like forever through the Miami Airport and Myke had put Chianna on his shoulders. We cam around the corner and saw the most awesome site of our friends and family waiting for us with balloons, posters and lots of love and smiles. I wish I had thought to take a pictured from our end, but I was overwhelmed! What a great day!

Cousins meeting for the first time!

The proud Papa!

Grandparents, finally and officially!

Kathleen taking a photo, Dawn & Jacob

Heidi, Mark, Brenda with Mae Li

Katie, My Dad, Dee Dee

My dad and Dee Dee taking pics of Chianna

Myke with Erin

Mark welcoming me home with a hug!

New Daddy

New Mommy

David, Kathleen & Olivia

Myke holding David

Joey with Madison

Shannon, Pattie & Tammie

Dee Dee with her welcome sign!

Lori holding Mae Li

David - one happy kid!

Madison and Katie


Tammie said...

It really was amazing to welcome you guys home. You even managed to get a picture of David there. Okay, so it's his tush in the last picture. Proof he really does exist. ;-)

Vivian M said...

OK, these pictures just made me cry! It is so awesome to finally see you both with your daughter Chianna. I have goose bumps all over again. Can't wait to hug you in person!