Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 5 in Hanoi - THE NAP!

Chianna woke up much more easily today and with a big smile as soon as she saw us. We are so happy when we see that beautiful smile and we are just in amazement of this little beauty we have with such a fun personality.

Breakfast upstairs as usual, getting into a bit of a routine. Chianna is learning to use her fork and was doing much better with it today, until I decided to take the camera out to film it, at which point, she ditched the fork for her hands. this is really the first time she has eaten with her hands, she always has used a spoon or a fork, even if it is difficult. I figured she must be hungry, as she was shoveling pieces of hot dog in, so we let her go with it for now.

After breakfast, we came back to the room and called Ba Ba and Papa Jim on Skype, then we called Papa and Dee Dee was there, so we got to speak to speak to a lot of the family today, which is good. We played in the room for a while, and then decided it was time to see if we could force a nap in. Last night, she seemed so tired and we were so worn out by the end of the night, we really think she should be having a nap. So.... I told her time for nighty night, just for a little while - a nap, and she started vigorously shaking her head no. It progressed as I started lowering the shades and was soon in a full tantrum. I hate that I had to be the bad guy on this one, Myke has to do it next, but he is still traumatized from the last time she was mad at him the day we took the place over here from Ho Chi Minh City, so I am forced to be the "mean mommy". : ( I hate that job! So, I pulled her bed covers and cleaned off her bed. At this point, she had thrown herself on the floor and was screaming and crying. I took her shoes off, and this made things worse. I put her on the bed and we laid down in bed. She cried and cried for almost an hour. When she would calm down for a little, I would go over and stroke her hair and tell her "mommy loves her" and wipe her tears, but if she would start crying again, I would walk away. Eventually she stopped crying and was just watching her DVD. Then she eventually just fell over and WE HAVE A NAP!!! Wooo Hoooo! I made sure not to make the same mistake, I have been catching up on the blog and uploading pictures. Myke tried to take a nap and is having the hardest time on our hard bed. : (

So that is the point that we are at now. We will see how the nap affects the rest of her day. She just woke up after about an hour and 1/2!

I will report later and add the pictures of the day.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

You are handling yourself like a pro. Set up loving boundaries and consistency and you will soon have a child that feels some sense of safety. Lots of love and she will continue to bond well.

We love watching the videos and wish that we could reach through the screen to give you all a big hug.

Lori and Co.

Tammie said...

Setting the boundaries is a hard thing to do, but do it we must. While it rips at our hearts, it really is the best thing. You guys are doing a wonderful job with Chianna. Keep it up!

BTW, Myke's little buddy back here in the States? She still needs naps at 6 1/2 & still fights them tooth & nail. Go figure. We need a nap? We lay down. They need a nap? They tantrum. Ah! The circle of life. :-)


Butch and Tracy said...

Congratulations... she looks wonderful. So glad things are going so good for you all.


Alyson and Ford said...

Naps are very important! Glad you are surviving, probably on little sleep. It just gets better each day especially once you are home. Enjoy!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Seven Months