Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hanoi Day 7 - Medical Exam Today!

Hong Ngoc Hotel - This is The Pink Jade Hotel. Chianna's Vietnamese name means Pink Jade! Hong = Pink and Ngoc = Jade.

This morning was stressful and Myke and I did not have a good nights' sleep last night. We were worried about getting Chianna up and to her medical appt. in time.

But we made it, after bribing her with a pudding and a lollipop! LOL NICE BREAKFAST!

Well, we had to get her out the door and in a good mood so that she wouldn't really freak out at the doctor visit. And everything worked out just fine. Thuy and I took Chianna to the medical clinic and Myke stayed in the room to try and catch up on some sleep, he had none, but could not nap either. He said he kept waking up worrying about her and expecting us to show up any minute with a crying and upset little girl. Poor Myke, he is really tired and suffering, we knew that would be the case though. I have not had much sleep myslef, but I think I function better on little sleep than Myke. (For a little bit, anyhow.)

Chianna was SUCH a good girl at the doctor's office, Thuy & I were both very impressed. We arrived at 9am and all three of us had to first go to another office to have our tempurature taken because of the Swine FLU outbreak. I am glad to report that none of us have any temperature or flu like symptoms! Whew! Then we went back to the office waiting room to wait. Chianna seemed quite nervous. I took her in to see the nurse, she didn't want to get on the scale, but was ok when I put her on it. She weighs now 31.1 lbs, a little bit more than the last report from a couple months ago. And I couldn't tell how tall she was, she really wouldn't move forward enough, I think the nurse made an estimate. Then she listened to her heart and checked her pulse. Poor baby, she must have been so scared, her heart was racing at 98 beats per minute! I was doing my best to comfort her and she was holding onto me tight. Then we had to go back into the waiting room. The staff informed Thuy that the doctor would be able to see us at 10am. Oh NO! it was now 9:30am. The thought of trying to keep her entertained in this little waiting room for that long had me really nervous myself. Luckily the nurse had given her a lollipop and she spent a good deal of the time trying to open it and playing with it but never asked me to open it for her, so we let her be occupied with that a little. She sat on my lap for some of the time and sat on the floor, but was such a good and patient girl, we were so impressed. Thuy and I agreed she had more patients than the both of us.

So after seeing the very nice doctor, we got a clean bill of health to fly and come home!

We headed back to the hotel to see Daddy. Then we all went to LePub next door for lunch! Chianna had a yogurt and honey smoothie!

She really enjoyed her smoothie!

Chianna loves her Baby Einstein place mats! As you can see, there is a blue whale on it, and we keep telling her "fish" and she keeps "correcting" us saying "ca", which means fish in Vietnamese. It's quite hilarious. We can only imagine that she is thinking "Why can't these people get this?" Ca is very simple, ca, ca, ca!

We went for a walk and did a little shopping. We bought Chianna two new dresses, since, as you can probably tell, she has been wearing the same couple of dresses over and over again. She will not wear her shorts or pants, unless there is a dress on top of them!

Here are some pics of her in her new Burberry red and plaid dress and playing in the room:

After playing in the room and resting a bit (but no nap), it was finally time for dinner. Oh and I am sure she had a bath at some point, probably before we put her new red dress on. Everyday she asks several times a day for a bath! Can't wait to get her to the pool! She is going to love it!

Guess where we ate? KFC!

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Candy said...

I'm so happy that the Medical Exam went well.

I love the new outfit on Chianna. She has such a beautiful smile.

Can't wait to meet Princess Chianna.