Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 8 in Hanoi - We Have Chianna's VISA!!!!

WOOOOHOOOO! We're all done here! With all the paperwork and everything! I am looking into an earlier flight home and will keep everyone posted on our new arrival time.

A temple on the way to the US Embassy.

It's official! The adoption is done and appoved, and we are a family AND we are coming home!!!

This beautiful bouquet was given to me by the hotel manager here at the Hoa Binh Palace Hotel. The staff has been so friendly and our stay here could not have been better.


Carol and Taylor said...

Congrats on officially being a family and we hope you have a very safe and uneventful flight home.

Safe travels,

Carol and Taylor

Candy said...

Happy Family of "3". So exciting. We're so happy you are coming home earlier. Can't wait to meet Chianna.
I hope the flights home go well. Save Travels!